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Our Pricing & Plans

Number of Services 3 Times in Year 6 Times in Year Unlimited Times
24x7 Roadside Assistance YES YES YES
Assistance for Punctured tyre YES YES YES
On The Spot Repair Service for Minor Faults YES YES YES
Jumpstart In Case of Weak/Dead Battery YES YES YES
On-Road Key Lockout Assistance YES YES YES
Tele Assistance for Minor Repairs YES YES YES
Emergency Message Relay YES YES YES
City Route & Map Guidance over Phone YES YES YES
Doorstep Vehicle Insurance Renewal Service YES YES YES
Towing As Per Actuals 10 Kms Free* 50 Kms Free
Arrangement of Flatbed Trucks & Winching Services YES YES YES
Punctured Tyre Repair in Case of Two Flat Tyres As Per Actual As Per Actual As Per Actual
Fuel (Petrol/Diesel Only) As Per Actual 3 Litre Free (1 Time) 5 Litres (2 TIme)
Transfer Option (max upto 3 vehicles only) YES YES YES
Car Service on Discounted Price YES YES YES